Cyber Liability Insurance

Why Cyber Liability Insurance Is a Benefit to Your Company

While the proliferation of the Internet has helped many businesses offer better service to their clients, it has also created several exposures to lawsuits and claims. From data breaches involving sensitive information to the inadvertent spread of malware, cybersecurity or the lack thereof, represents a serious liability for businesses of various types and sizes. Consider a cyber insurance policy to help cover this exposure for your organization.

Covering Your Business With Cyber Insurance Protection

Because information technology is continuously evolving, the threats and risks to your operations are also changing. A cyber/privacy and network security insurance plan helps provide for first- and third-party costs associated with the following:

  • Network/IT security
  • Responses to breaches of privacy
  • Network asset protection, including recovery and replacement of lost or compromised data
  • Regulatory violations
  • Multimedia insurance
  • Interruptions to business due to system recovery or repair

Getting the Coverage You Need

You understand how insurance protects damages to your property or covers injuries to third parties experienced on your premises. You are obligated to have these protections in place. When it comes to cybersecurity, this is also true. Choose an insurer that can help you develop a policy that is tailored to manage the risk specific to the way you conduct business. Cybersecurity threats are very real and are continuously emerging and evolving. A proactive approach helps preserve your business.