insurance broker in orlando

Why Going With a Broker is the Right Decision

Insurance should be on top of the priority list if you are the head of a household or are a business owner in Orlando. It is crucial to keep all your assets covered because you simply don’t know when an accident will strike. However, anyone looking for coverage may have encountered a dilemma. Do you go with an insurance agent or insurance broker? What is the difference between the two, and which one should you pick? Well here is a quick rundown of why you should choose an insurance broker in Orlando.

Broker vs. Agent

Both agents and brokers essentially do the same thing, help you get insurance. However, agents work under an insurance agency while brokers typically work independently. This means an agent usually can only offer lines from their employing agency while brokers have access to numerous different carriers. With a broker, you can achieve a unique package built from different lines at rates you can afford.

Expert Talents

Brokers are just as informed about the details of policies as agents. They are also equipped to advise you on the future of your lines and may also provide risk management services. Their knowledge about many different carriers can pay off in the form of insurance that works.

Contact an insurance broker in Orlando to see how you achieve the best coverage possible.