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Why You Should Report All Trucking Insurance Claims

Your commercial transportation insurance carrier has probably told you that you should report all claims, no matter who was at fault or what happened. You may be concerned that your insurance premiums will go up if you do that. However, by not reporting the claims you may be jeopardizing your insurance. Consider these reasons for reporting claims when they occur.

The Damage Was Minor

If you’re in an accident with another party, but no one seems hurt, you should still report the claim. Many times, the other party will retain an attorney for bodily injuries that weren’t reported at the time. Soft tissue injuries don’t always surface immediately following an accident. Notifying the insurance company even if you don’t think the other party will make a claim can help prevent surprises.

The Accident Wasn’t My Fault

Every state has different laws that pertain to comparative fault. More importantly, you should never assume that you weren’t at fault in a particular accident. Your insurance company can investigate and determine fault. That’s what they are there for. Always report an accident, even when you believe you aren’t at fault.

Know What to Do After an Accident

Ask your commercial transportation insurance agent what steps to take following an accident. Know where to report the claim and what evidence to gather. Report all claims and let your insurance company sort out the details.