Your Guide to Trucker Insurance

As truckers, it is important to protect your livelihood. As with all professions, insurance is the best way to take care of your business. If you’re a trucker, you may want to consider a comprehensive policy. With all of the different coverages, it is important to look at the specifics of your situation before you decide which policies will benefit you the most.

Types of Coverages for Big Rigs

There are several different coverages that truckers need. On one hand, all truckers should have auto liability coverage. Some policies include:

·      Auto liability
·      Commercial liability
·      Physical damage
·      Motor truck cargo

It is important to protect not only your truck but the cargo that you are transporting. When it comes to cargo, there are a lot of different things that can go wrong in the process of transport.

Types of Cargo Damage

As a driver, you know there are a lot of risks on the road. From accidents to weather hazards, you never know what might happen. Even with the proper prevention methods, there are still circumstances that you can’t predict. Common damages include:

·      Water damage
·      Vandalism
·      Theft
·      Physical damage

It is crucial that your big rig insurance can cover the costs of the shipments you make. Otherwise, you could lose money.